Once practitioners have completed their self-evaluations using the SLCF tool, they will be signposted to training that is relevant for them to support their CPD. By mapping your training onto the SLCF competency framework and submitting it onto the SLCF training database practitioners could be signposted to your training.

Benefits of mapping your course(s) onto the SLCF include:
  • It clearly demonstrates the areas included in your training, such as the content and level your training is targeting.
  • If you offer a range of courses, mapping will show the breadth of what you currently provide, can indicate any specialist areas, and can help to identify areas you might like to develop in the future.
  • It can also be used as an evaluation tool to identify how effectively skills and knowledge are transferred into practice by delegates.

If you are looking to develop new training and development opportunities, the SLCF competency framework may also be a handy tool to consider specific areas you might want to include in any new packages you provide and could help to inform your learning outcomes and course content.


How do I map courses on to the SLCF?

More information and step by step guidance of how to map your course(s) to the SLCF can be downloaded by clicking here.

We welcome submissions of training courses throughout the year.
Contact slcf@thecommunicationtrust.org.uk and we’ll send you what you need to get started.