Julie’s story

Julie is a Specialist Speech, Language and Communication Needs HLTA working for a primary school in Ashford, Kent.

“I first heard about the SLCF through The Communication Trust’s website, having previously used a number of Trust resources including the Communication Commitment and Communicating the Code. I found the SLCF really easy to complete and the signposting links to other websites and resources were really helpful. As I had some prior knowledge about speech, language and communication, I found the terminology easy to understand but it wasn’t as accessible for new members of staff so it would be great to have some practical examples which practitioners could use as guidance.

Since completing the SLCF, I have grown more confident in my skills and knowledge around speech, language and communication (SLC). I am able to support colleagues and fellow practitioners and know where to direct them when they require specific advice or resources. I have also found that parents feel more comfortable discussing their concerns so I am able to provide suggestions and advice on how they can support their child’s SLC development. I am now interested in doing some accredited courses to support my CPD so I will be using the SLCF training database to find good quality training courses.

Not only did the SLCF support my CPD, but I was able to take on additional roles and responsibilities in my setting after sharing everything I had completed with my manager.  I would highly recommend the SLCF as a tool to colleagues and it could even be used as an interview tool to identify where future training for new staff may be required.”