Alys’ story

Alys is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist working for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust in Buckinghamshire, in primary schools with additionally resourced provision.

“I first heard about the SLCF in The Communication Trust’s monthly newsletter, having already used some of The Trust’s other resources. I completed the SLCF in my spare time at the specialist level, finding that this was pitched at the right level for my existing knowledge, level of skill and my role.

I think the SLCF supported me to reflect thoroughly on my current levels of confidence and knowledge around speech, language and communication – more thoroughly than I would have done without the use of the SLCF. At that point in time of my career I felt this was a very positive thing, and that the SLCF provided me with areas I needed to devote more CPD time to. It provided a useful reminder about other areas of CPD available for speech, language and communication and not just the areas which are prioritised based on clinical needs and our current caseloads.

Although I did not go on to attend any of the training courses suggested by the SLCF for various reasons, the ongoing links to resources and suggestions for CPD activities were useful.

The SLCF is very comprehensive and very easy to complete online. I would recommend the SLCF to other professionals; a good use would be to complete the SLCF prior to a Professional Development Review to support staff to identify their own targets and development needs to put forward in discussions with their manager(s).”